Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of maximizing the presence of your brand and business in the major search engines. The goal of SEO is to increase the rankings of your web properties in the primary search results for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. To do so often involves factors relating to your web site, citations, backlinking, social media and more.

The end result will be lots of free, organic traffic flowing to your web properties that can turn into more leads, customers, and revenue.


Many people are under the impression that search engine optimization involves the application of one or two simple techniques. But the truth is, SEO is not a one-technique fits all service. It can get complicated.

That’s because the level of competition to rank #1 for one keyword will almost certainly be different than getting the same ranking for a different keyword. And if the level of competition is fierce, significant firepower may be needed to get to the head of the class. Of course, we use a safe proven formula and strategies that can be adjusted based on our analysis of what is needed to rank your web site pages or other online properties.

While there are a number of factors involved in SEO, below are a few that should give you an idea of what we will evaluate with regards to your web site, for example, before implementing our formula. Keep in mind that SEO factors must work in combination to ensure success.

On-Page Factors

These include the things that you can control on your web site. As an example, we would determine if the type of content you publish is relevant to the keywords you want to rank for. Other questions we’d like to address include: Is the content you publish high-quality and unique? Is your site properly structured to ensure that the search engines can crawl it while understanding what the site is about? Have you established the appropriate HTML tags to help the search engines? Does your web site load too slowly?

Off-Page Factors

These are things that are very important but you most likely won’t have direct control over them. They will play a big role in determining how much the search engines can trust your web site. As an example, if your site is highly trusted and viewed as an authority in its niche, then it will probably rank highly. So the factors that I’m alluding to include age, history, backlinks, social media signals, spam complaints, SEO violations and penalties, and more.

Again, the above factors are just a start. The biggest SEO mistakes are made when people don’t ensure that all the key foundational elements are in place before going full steam ahead. In addition, there’s a natural pace to implementing the factors. Do them too quickly or improperly and you’ll end up with a penalized or deindexed web site. Once this happens you’re dealing with a whole new kettle of fish that could cost you dearly to unravel.

Of course, as previously mentioned we only use safe proven methods. So if you’re interested in having search engine optimization done for any of your web properties, then contact us today at 954-345-9972 for a free analysis and consultation. Please note that we only take on a limited number of clients to ensure that the highest quality of service is maintained.